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Nothing Matters: A Pickles Dickson Adventure
by J. Bladder
Buckle up for a roller coaster ride of existential awakening, dread and hope, AKA my quarter-life crisis! You know him from the webcomic, "The Varied Follies of Pickles Dickson" - flip these pages to learn his gripping origin! You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll chuckle at hip cultural references! Look for this comic in stores if you're in Chicago or Phoenix. If you found this website after buying my comic, thanks! I appreciate you.

Published Dec 20XX
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About the artist:
J. Bladder is a full time indie chump who draws comics, including the webcomic "The Varied Follies of Pickles Dickson" and the 16-page book "Bacteria: A Love Story". He draws and inks everything by hand with paper, pencil and sharpie before coloring digitally. Bladder used to live in Phoenix, Arizona, America's dirtiest desert butthole. He recently escaped to Chicago. Sometimes he makes things besides comics under the name Chris Homa. You can contact him at MORE PICKLES DICKSON FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM